“I had scheduled private sessions with Shari in the past and when I was diagnosed with pneumonia after COVID and was having a difficult time breathing without pain, I knew she was the one to go to. I scheduled a phone consultation and she walked me through the different ways to breathe, made sure I felt safe, and we practiced various breathing options, finding the one that was the most pain-free for me. 24 hours later, I felt SO much better. Turns out I was breathing the wrong way. I would highly recommend taking that leap and scheduling with Shari for anything related to pain in your body.” -M. J., Female, 47

“I had the pleasure of working with Shari over the past 9 months. Sometimes the pain was so intense, I had trouble getting in and out of my car. I had to stop running and I felt like I was going to live with the pain forever. After talking to her briefly about my pain, we started meeting and initially worked on stretches and other yoga therapy tools. Shari encouraged me to look at areas of my life that were causing stress and reflecting on how that stress manifested in my body. Together, we practiced breathing techniques and other ways to relieve stress. After leaving an extremely stressful situation, one that started 9 months prior, I began to feel relief in my body. I’m forever grateful for the work Shari did with me.” -J. R., Female, 42

A year ago I fell and sprained my left wrist and it didn’t heal right, even after months of resting it. I would notice pain whenever putting weight on it (pushing myself out of a seat, doing a push-up, etc.) I began taking yoga therapy sessions with Shari after being discouraged that I couldn’t hold any of the yoga poses that required putting weight on my wrist. Shari taught me a combination of strengthening exercises, stretches, and massage which I’ve incorporated into my daily schedule, and I’ve seen my wrist improve a lot as a result. Last week in yoga therapy, I held downward dog without wrist pain for the first time since my fall. I’m so happy to see my wrist finally healing!” -K. F., Female, 33

“Shari helped me untangle the knots of my grief and interrelated health issues that were holding me back from living a fun and fulfilling life. I’m so grateful for her help.”  -J.W., Male, 58

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