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I’m a story coach, a freelance editor, former literary intern, and the author of Treasure at Lure Lake a middle grade, survival adventure novel.

Why hire me for your editorial needs? I had the unique experience of being a literary intern for a major New York literary agency for three years where I read, evaluated and helped edit manuscripts to prepare them for submission to the Big 5 publishers. I was also a mentor for PitchWars for three years as well as for numerous other writing contests. As an author, I’ve been through every stage of writing, revising, and editing that it takes to get published in today’s market so I can truly empathize with what you are going through. I can see both from the inside and from the outside of the publishing industry how to make your story the best it can be!

Query Letter Fix:
I offer a FREE Query Letter Edit when you hire me for any other editing service below.

Regular pricing for query letters:

Two passes through with edits and suggested revisions: $45
Each additional pass: $15

Same pricing for a synopsis (2 pages or less)

Story Coaching:

Do you want the accountability, encouragement and knowledge that comes from having an author-mentor: someone who has been through the paces of drafting, revising, editing, querying, being published and marketing? It’s a long process that can often get lonely and difficult to navigate on your own.

I offer a limited number of mentoring spots per year. You have the option of signing up for the whole three months in advance or working with me on a month by month basis in case you’re not quite sure if this is for you.

What you can expect:

*a detailed analysis of your writing/manuscript. This would include a Reader’s Report (see below) if you have a completed manuscript.

*goal-setting, specific to your writing needs.

*weekly check-ins on your preferred platform(s) of communication (phone, text, email, Skype etc…) to help with accountability, brainstorming or trouble-shooting issues.

*various resources (outlines, worksheets, spreadsheets etc…) appropriate to your needs to assist you along the way.

*query and synopsis help as well as help with pitches and getting into contests.

*a final analysis of your manuscript after you have revised it (likely another Reader’s Report or other appropriate feedback).

*basic marketing advice and someone to cheer you on along the way!

3-Month Mentorship: $800

Monthly Mentorship: $300

Reader’s Report:

A reader’s report is a short 2-4 page report written after I read through your full manuscript. A reader’s report covers the basic strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript including plot, voice, structure, characterization, themes, and hook; what works and what doesn’t; and any recommendations for further editing/revising you may need.

Picture Book under 1000 words: $60

Manuscript under 15,000 words: up to $100
15,000-55,000 words: up to $200
55,000-85,000 words: up to $375
Over 85,000: $375 + $0.005 per word

Manuscript Evaluation:

This is a longer (8-12 pages) and more in-depth editorial about your completed manuscript noting strengths and weaknesses in your plot, structure, use of theme, writing style, characterization of main characters, world building, pacing, other issues, and overall recommendation for proceeding with editing/revising.

Under 15,000 words: up to $130
15,000-55,000 words: up to $250
55,000-85,000 words: up to $475

Developmental Editing:

I will go through your manuscript line by line, paragraph by paragraph, and make notes on wording, redundancies, telling vs. showing, cliches, point of view, tense, and use of filter words, etc… I will look for clarity, depth of characterization and motivation, and look for consistency in voice, and any other issues that need to be worked on.

I charge $40 per hour. Depending on the level of edits needed, I am able to deeply edit 5-10 pages* per hour. I will give you a quote after I take a look at your manuscript and determine what level of editing is needed.

For example, if lighter edits are needed, I would charge about $800 for a 50,000 word manuscript. However, if heavier edits are needed, the same manuscript could cost as much as $1600. Therefore, it is in your best financial interest to have gone through your manuscript thoroughly to catch obvious mistakes.


I strictly look for grammatical errors: spelling, punctuation, double spacing…the tiny details that often are overlooked.

I charge $30 per hour. Similarly to content editing, the cleaner the manuscript, the quicker I will be able to complete the editing. In general, I proofread 10-15 pages* an hour.

*A page is approximately 250 words

If you are interested in any of my services, please contact me at the following email: sharischwarz[@]deeprootsdiscovery[.]com


“Shari is the type of editor that you can tell truly cares about each manuscript and its author. She puts her heart into her work. She is prompt and thoughtful in response to questions, and her professional experience shines through. When I received Shari’s initial edit letter, I was blown away. She suggested fixes in my MS that rang so true to me, though I had never thought of them before. Over the following weeks, she helped me with line edits, pacing, and character arc, among other things. I can’t believe how much my story has improved!” -Arianne Costner

“I can’t thank Shari enough for helping me take my novel to the next level. Not only did she help me with overall plot structure, but character development and motivation, and grammar as well. She was very detailed and was more than willing to answer all of my follow-up questions. I would recommend her to anyone serious about their writing.”         -Mark Kennedy

“Shari read my manuscript and provided a reader report. Her input was exactly what I needed! Her comments addressed all aspects of the novel, such as improving pace and characterization, strengthening plot elements, reducing redundancies, and tightening wordiness. She gave numerous specific examples and offered suggestions that significantly improved the story. I’ve worked with other editors over the years, but none as incredibly fast and thorough as Shari. She has a wonderful grasp of structural issues, as well as the details that bring out “voice” and make characters unforgettable.” -Sarah Floyd

“Shari delivered quality work in a timely manner. I hired her to review the first draft of a children’s book manuscript. Being my first book, I had no idea what to expect. She set my mind at ease, gave excellent editorial feedback and truly provided professional constructive criticism that gave my book more meaning. She even gave my manuscript a test drive (on her own time) with her kids! I will be using her again as my book launches and I need a pro’s opinion on things.” -Annie Glenn

“I am happy to recommend Shari Schwarz as an editor and critique partner. I have had the pleasure of working with Shari over the past year and a half, and have always found her to be professional, adept and insightful. She has given me feedback on the broad aspects of my writing (theme, plot, characters, setting, style, author’s voice) as well as the smaller editing details of punctuation, grammar and spelling. I would recommend her without hesitation.” -Jenda Nye

“This was my first time writing a picture book and hiring someone to help with editing. Shari was very professional and very knowledgeable about the process of preparing a book for submission. She shared all kinds of information that helped me develop my writing and prepare my story. I highly recommend her if you are in need of editing services!” -Macy Johnson

“Wonderful! I highly recommend her for book editing and will be using her again in the future.” -Ashley Eneriz

“Shari did a great job! It was as if she was there by my side the entire time. The final product expressed exactly what I wanted to say. Shari helped give me direction as I wrote and she edited it beautifully.” -Avary Pearson

“Perfect experience…Very valuable insight to my story and would recommend Shari for others and I, myself, would use her services again.” -Alan Lands

“I had the pleasure of connecting with Shari over a year and a half ago. She has been an exceptional critique partner and editor. Her insights have helped me pinpoint problems within my manuscript that I wasn’t even aware were there! While possessing the ability to give feedback on the greater aspects of the story, she also has the unique ability to hone in on the details that may otherwise have been overlooked. Anyone who gets to work with Shari will be very lucky!” -Karen Harter

“Shari is professional, prompt and personable. I appreciate her ability to think outside the box and provide input that would not have occurred to me. That and her pro editing experience keep me returning to hire her!” -Annie Glenn

“Shari is very knowledgeable in the field of children’s books and was able to answer all of my questions in regards to first-time publishing. She also edited and made suggestions for my manuscript that were professional and extremely beneficial. I will for sure use her again!” -William Richard

“Shari is one of the most professional and courteous critique partners I have ever had. Her feedback was always prompt and thoughtful. She has a skilled eye for detail, and I highly recommend her services and would welcome her notes on any of my own future manuscripts.” -Michelle Hulse

We can talk about payment solutions on Paypal or otherwise. Thank you!

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